Policies and Guidelines

To help ensure that the Hovander Homestead Bluegrass Festival is an enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance, we have established the following guidelines and policies. Your assistance and cooperation in adhering to them is greatly appreciated.


Pets (excluding certified service animals) are not allowed inside the festival grounds. Additionally, pets may not be left unattended in cars anywhere on the festival site, including festival grounds, day parking lot and campground. Non-Camping attendees who arrive with a pet will be asked to make other arrangements for their pets before being allowed into park. NOTE: Any car found with an unattended pet inside will be subject to enforcement action by the Whatcom Humane Society.Pets are allowed in the campground only and must be on a leash, in a container or kept inside an RV or trailer at all times. Outside of the festival grounds, day parking lot and campground, Hovander Homestead Park rules will apply.


Alcoholic beverages may not be brought in to the festival grounds. There will be a beer garden on site and all alcohol purchased there must be consumed within the boundaries of the beer garden. Alcohol is allowed in the campground in your personal camp space. No display of disorderly behavior will be allowed anywhere at the festival and may result in the forfeiture of all admittance and camping passes.


No recreational drugs (legal or illegal) allowed. No exceptions. This is a strict park policy and any violation will result in removal from the festival with no refund.


Fire/BBQ/Grills/Portable Fire Pits:
Except for Propane devices, No fire is allowed at Hovander Homestead Park which includes all festival areas. This includes, but is not limited to, wood fires, charcoal or wood BBQs and or grills.  However, should their be a State, County or Park sanctioned No Fire Ban, then no fires are allowed whatsoever.


All festival attendees will be issued a wristband for admittance purposes. These wristbands must be affixed around the wrist by the gate attendant prior to entrance to the festival and displayed at all times while in attendance at the festival. Do not stretch or remove the wristband. Attendees may leave and re-enter the festival provided they show their wristbands to the gate security personnel upon entering. If you lose your wristband, you will be required to purchase another one for admittance.


Electric Powered Personal Transport Devices (e.g., Scooters, Wheelchairs):
Hovander Homestead Park does not offer power services to recharge these devices.  Even though there may be some power outlets on site, these are for the sole use by Park employees. We have been asked not to use them.  If you are visiting for the day, please ensure your devices are fully charged.  If you are camping, feel free to use your generator in the generator designated camping areas to charge or recharge your devices.


Seating in stage areas is on a first-come, first-served basis and is festival seating (you provide your own chairs and blankets) in the main stage area. Please do not block the view of others. For disabled attendees, please contact a member of our staff for assistance. Please keep your seating area litter-free and dispose of your trash and recycling in the appropriate containers.


You are welcome to bring your own food and non alcoholic beverages in appropriate containers. No Glass Containers are allowed on the festival site.


Please help us recycle and dispose of trash in the appropriate garbage and recycling bins as marked.  Thank you for not littering anywhere on the festival site.  Campers:  Please dispose you trash in the large metal trash container located in the Camping area.


Ages 17 and below:  Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior while at the festival.


Performances:  Please refrain from talking during all performances so that those around you may hear and enjoy the music.


Other Guidelines


The following are not allowed:

  • Fireworks of any kind
  • Unauthorized drones
  • Vending except by HHBGF contracted vendors.  If you are not a registered vendor you cannot sell or vend anything on the festival grounds.
  • Smoking in or around Workshops, Bathrooms, Porta Potties, Buildings on site, Stages and performance areas, Covered Areas (includes tents and canopies), Beer Garden and other food service areas or other vendor areas. If you wish to smoke, please move downwind from any of the areas.  ALWAYS ensure when finished that all remaining ambers are distinguished and disposed of properly.  Thank you for not littering.
  • Dancing and other similar activities (e.g. hula, clogging, etc.) in and around the stage, in front of or in the audience or anywhere views can be blocked. However, we welcome all to have fun with all these things in the “designated areas” so they are not a distraction to the performers or the audience.