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Saturday 9:00 – 10:15 am

Arranging Songs for a Bluegrass Band
Time and Location: Saturday, September 2, 9:00 AM
in the Picnic Shelter

Workshop description: Join the KKB for a discussion and demonstration of how each instrument supports the others in ensemble playing as well as arranging new songs for the band.
Intended audience: Any musician who has been or intends to be part of a band.
Curriculum: Kathy, Annie, Cary, Greg, and Tom will deconstruct several songs/tunes, identifying the role of each instrument and voice, and presenting ways that all the band elements can work together harmoniously.
What attendees need to bring: Ears and questions.
Workshop Instructor: Kathy Kallick (with the help of her whole band)

Kathy Kallick Bio
Kathy Kallick is one of the most extraordinary vocalists, bandleaders, and composers in bluegrass. She has released 20 albums, written nearly 150 original songs, and co-founded the internationally-acclaimed band, Good Ol’ Persons. She has won a Grammy and two IBMA Awards. She has written and recorded music for children and families, performed and recorded with the Frank Wakefield Band, toured North America, Europe, and Japan, received a Lifetime Membership award from the California Bluegrass Association, and collaborated with the country’s top acoustic musicians.

Kallick is an experienced instructor, and has offered classes in singing, songwriting, guitar, and band coaching as part of many music camps including the California Bluegrass Association Music Camp, Rockygrass Academy (Colorado), Augusta Heritage Center (West Virginia), Sore Fingers (England), Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (Washington), Nimblefingers (British Columbia, Canada), Bluegrass at the Beach (Oregon), Walker Creek Music Camp (California), and the California Coast Music Camp.

Speaking of her time with the Good Ol’ Persons, Kathy says those were valuable years. “I learned everything about being in a band. I had never played in a band. I’d been a solo folk singer. All the dynamics of arranging for a group of people and turning the focus from one person to another, making sure everybody’s featured, the conversation that goes on between the different instruments during a song – it’s a rich and complicated music form. And it’s not just everybody playing their own thing while one person stands there and sings. Everyone is part of the fabric of each song, adding their specific part of the rhythm and then soloing and all the rich and complicated vocal harmonies, which are such a draw for me. I’m still learning all about it,” she says, laughing. You will learn a lot in this workshop.

Bluegrass Vocals & Harmony Singing with Greg Blake and Ellie Hankason from Jeff Scroggins and Colorado
Saturday, 9:00 – 10:15 am in the Beer Garden

 Description: Greg & Ellie will share the basics of good vocal technique as well as some of the elements that distinguish “bluegrass” vocals apart from other genres.
Intended audience: No previous experience in singing harmony needed – but it would be helpful if you’re fairly comfortable in singing the melody in correct pitch.
Curriculum: They will also give you some basic tools to help you sing harmony. In the workshop, they will explore the various harmony “stacks” that are used.
What attendees need to bring: There’s no need to bring an instrument to the workshop. Come prepared to “participate” by trying the examples you’ll be hearing in the presentation.

(1)Greg Blake Bio
“Greg Blake grew up in the mountains of southwest West Virginia, and was immersed in the sounds of old country, mountain bluegrass, and gospel harmonies from a young age. Moving to Kansas City, he started playing in more and more bands, eventually recording on 12 albums for bands like the Bluegrass Missourians, Mountain Holler, The Harvest Quartet and more. He’s twice been nominated for the SPBGMA’s Traditional Male Vocalist of the Year and five times won the SPBGMA’s Guitarist of the Year, not to mention the Kansas State Flatpicking championship.
A big man with an even bigger heart, he brings an uplifting joy to the music he knows and loves. Unfettered by genre divisions and unconstrained by tradition, he just follows his heart to find the deep mountain roots of the music, infusing everything he sings with a powerful, soaring spirit.”
– Hearth Music

(2)Ellie Hakanson Bio
Ellie has played fiddle since she was six years old. She also sings very well. She followed a dual track on violin, learning fiddle from her dad and other fiddlers, while also studying classical violin through the Suzuki method. Ellie was a member of Portland’s Metropolitan Youth Symphony. Ellie is the 2016 Rockygrass Fiddle Champion and 2016 Arizona State Fiddle Champion. In addition to her excellent fiddling, Ellie is a fine cellist and clarinet player.

The members of Jeff Scroggins and Colorado are professional level workshop teachers with decades of both guest artist and public school classroom experience. They specialize in providing instruction in their individual instrument and vocal skills as well as large group instruction in jamming, the history of bluegrass and old-time music, vocal harmony and playing in a group.

Guitar with Steve Harris
Time and Location: Saturday, September 2, 9:00AM in the Historic Barn

The diverse role of the guitar when not playing lead:
Intended audience:
• Strumming patterns
• Passing chords
• Accent licks
What attendees need to bring: A tuned guitar and an open mind.
Workshop Instructor:
Steve Harris (Guitar with Circa Blue)

Steve Harris Bio
At age 14, Steve’s dad purchased two guitars, a mandolin, a dobro, a bass, and a banjo for his five children. Multiple configurations ensued that ultimately resulted in Steve playing guitar, dobro and banjo in “The Harris Family Band.” Accompanied by their mother Beverly, the band played mostly gospel bluegrass and performed for several years in various churches and other gatherings. For several years, Steve became busy with this professional career and stopped playing. In 2007, he was invited to Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival and a fire was rekindled. Steve dug out the banjo and guitar and started playing and writing music again. After a couple of years regaining lost skills and playing brief stints with other bands, he formed Circa Blue in July 2010. Steve plays guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals. Steve has designed a hands on guitar workshop for players of all abilities.

Mandolin Workshop
Time and Location: Saturday, 9:00 am – 10:15 in the Children’s Activity Tent
Description: This young picker is a ball of fire and at 22 is already an award winning mandolinist, songwriter, recording artist, and bluegrass historian (see http://nerdgrass.blogspot.com/). Come prepared to learn how Tristan has managed to accomplish so much in so little time and how he can help you.
Intended audience: All bluegrass musicians
What attendees need to bring: A mandolin
Workshop Instructor: Tristan Scroggins (Mandolin with Jeff Scroggins Band)

Tristan Scroggins Bio
“The kid can pick; man, can he pick! Not just lightning fast, which he does love to do, but also super precise. He’s also a great tune composer.… “(No Depression magazine)

Tristan Scroggins, 22 is a mandolinist and composer from Denver, CO. Tristan’s current studio recording features an original which was a finalist for the IAMAs Instrumental Song of the Year; and in 2016 he received a nomination for the Instrumental Momentum Award from IBMA. Tristan is an award-winning instrumentalist and accomplished songwriter in his own right. And his instrumentals contribute a major role in the band’s unique and energetic style.

Workshop title: Banjo with Matt Hickman
Time and Location: Saturday, September 2, 9:00AM in the Band Merchandise Tents

Description: Come and pick up some insider banjo licks from a veteran of Scruggs and melodic style
Intended audience: Intermediate to advanced
Curriculum: Matt will go over the differences and positive nuances between Scruggs and Melodic styles
What attendees need to bring: Banjo
Workshop Instructor: Matt Hickman (Banjo with Circa Blue)

Matt Hickman Bio
Matt Hickman is a talented, self-taught banjo player following in his grandfather’s footsteps. At age eleven, his parents bought him his first banjo and he soon began to learn the clawhammer style of playing. Matt’s desire to play “bluegrass” style began when he was introduced to Earl Scruggs’ music. Over the years he honed his skills in not only Scrugg’s style, but melodic as well. He has performed with many bands such as Long Meadow Mining Company, Red Moon, Southern Sage, and Hickory Ridge. In addition to playing banjo, Matt is an accomplished instrumental song writer as well.

Saturday, 10:30 – 12:00 pm

“Steppin’ and Slappin” a Clogging and Hambone workshop with Mark Schatz of Jeff Scroggins and Colorado
Saturday, 10:30 am in the Picnic Shelter

Description: This will be a 90-minute workshop split between clogging and hambone, two wonderful American percussive traditions.
Intended audience: No experience is needed for either – if you can walk, you can dance
Curriculum: In the clogging portion I’ll teach the feel of this dance form, the basic step, chugs, and a couple of other easy and fun steps. We’ll be dancing to live music! We’ll cool down by learning some hambone moves & rhythms.
What attendees need to bring: Any kind of lace up shoes are recommended, or sandals that won’t come flying off when you start kicking.
Workshop Instructor: Mark Schatz

Mark Schatz Bio

Mark started playing cello at age ten. He played electric bass in a high school rock band. He then became inspired by folk and traditional music and learned to play guitar and mandolin. He got his degree in Music Theory and Composition and he picked up old-time banjo.

Mark has worked with Bela Fleck, Laurie Lewis, John Hartford, and Linda Ronstadt. He has had his own band (Mark Schatz and Friends), and was a regular member of Nickel Creek, and The Claire Lynch Band. Mark is a showman and adds color and variety to his performances with claw hammer banjo, clogging and hambone. He is often called to record with other artists including Sarah Jarosz, Noam Pikelny, and Della Mae, and his work with Footworks Percussive Dance as dancer, musician, musical director and road manager is ongoing.

Banjo Workshop with Jeff Scroggins
Time and Location: Saturday, September 2, 10:30AM in the Band Merchandise Tents

Description: Bluegrass Banjo
Intended audience: Beginner to Advanced
Curriculum: If you are a banjo player you really need to take part in this workshop. Jeff is absolutely one of the best and an experienced, patient instructor. He understands how to get his message across to his students.
What attendees need to bring: A banjo so you can play along
Workshop Instructor: Jeff Scroggins (Banjo with his own band)

Jeff Scroggins Bio
Jeff grew up in rural Oklahoma listening to his grandfather, J.M. Cary and his great uncle, Oklahoma fiddle legend Ace Sewell. Jeff started playing guitar at 12, and didn’t pick up banjo until he was 19.In the 1980’s Jeff studied with Alan Munde and James McKinney. He has won dozens of state, regional and local banjo contests. In 1989, Jeff won the prestigious National Bluegrass Banjo Championship in Winfield, Kansas.
Jeff has performed and recorded with many top names in bluegrass, including Steve Kaufman, Peter Rowan, Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, Mark Schatz, David Grier, Jerry Douglas, Beppe Gambetta, David Peterson, Randy Howard, David Harvey, Kenny Smith, The Dixie Chicks, etc.
Jeff has taught at bluegrass music camps in the US and abroad; including the Steve Kaufman Acoustic “Kamp” in Maryville, TN. In July 2011, Jeff performed and taught at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. He taught for years at the prestigious Swallow Hill Music School in Denver, Colorado.

Basic McReynolds Style Crosspicking for Mandolin with Tom Bekeny of Kathy Kallick Band
Saturday, 10:30 am in the Historic Barn

Description: Come and enjoy an introduction to Jesse McReynolds’ instantly recognizable style of crosspicking.
Intended audience: Intermediate to advanced mandolin players.
Curriculum: In this workshop, we’ll learn a basic McReynolds crosspicking pattern or “roll”. To illustrate how this pattern can be used, (time permitting) we’ll start learning the first part of a break to “Are You Missing Me” using this technique. Tablature handouts for the pattern and for the break to “Are You Missing Me” will be available.
What attendees need to bring: mandolin; recording device (strongly recommended).
Workshop Instructor: Tom Bekeny (Mandolin with Kathy Kallick Band)

Tom Bekeny Bio
Tom has been playing and singing with Kathy Kallick since 1996. Alum of Laurie Lewis & Grant Street and Done Gone, has appeared with Peter Rowan, David Grisman, and Jerry Garcia, has been the fiddler in High Country since 1988, plays in the all-star trad ‘grass jam band, Bangers & Grass, and also currently plays jazz in The Missing Man Quartet. He has released both a mandolin instruction DVD (Beginning Mandolin) and an album of jazz standards (Jazzolin).

Tom is also an experienced teacher, giving private lessons on mandolin and fiddle, and as part of music camps including the California Bluegrass Association Music Camp, Camp He Ho Ha (Alberta, Canada), Nimblefingers (BC, Canada), Haapavesi Folk Music Festival (Finland), and Walker Creek Music Camp (California).

Explore Drop E Tuning on the Dobro with Greg Booth
Time and Location: Saturday, September 2, 10:30 AM in the Children’s Activity Center
Description: Learn how retuning just one string makes a whole new palette of sounds possible!
Intended audience: Intermediate to Advanced
Curriculum: We will access full minor chords, jazzy minor 7th chords, dominant 7ths
and other cool sounds in the lower register. Learn how drop E is great for playing music with or without minor chords, with or without a capo, and some of the things I have found to help navigate the drop E tuning.
What attendees need to bring: A tuned dobro.
Workshop Instructor: Greg Booth (Dobro with Kathy Kallick Band)

Sunday 9:00 am – 10:15 am

Guided walk along the Nooksack River with volunters from the Friends of Tennant Lake and Hovander Park (FOTLHP)
Sunday, 9:00 am meet at the Festival Info Booth.

Volunteers  will lead a nature walk along the Nooksack River Dike Trail to Slater Road and back. The one-mile round-trip will take about an hour, and chances of seeing an eagle are good.  Guides include experienced birders and botanists. All ages welcome: No dogs, please.

Jim Hurst Fingerstyle Guitar 
Sunday, 9:00 am in the Picnic Shelter
Description: Let’s work on some fun fundamentals and discover options on the overall ideas of Fingerstyle guitar!
Intended audience: All guitar players
Curriculum: Learning to put parts of your picking hand on ‘autopilot’ is one of the big keys of playing with your fingers. Come join in the fun
What attendees need to bring: A tuned guitar.
Workshop Instructor: Jim Hurst (Guitar with his own band)

Jim Hurst Bio
Jim honed his musical style after being influenced by the likes of Tony Rice, Clarence White and Jerry Reed. Jim joined Holly Dunn’s Rio Band playing acoustic guitar and mandolin, and singing harmonies; followed by television and radio appearances while touring with Trisha Yearwood playing and singing. Jim also played with Travis Tritt, and Sara Evans.

In 1995 Jim joined Claire Lynch and the Front Porch String Band where he teamed up with bassist Missy Raines. Missy and Jim formed a duet, creating ground-breaking arrangements. They earned IBMA Guitar and Bass Player of the Year for 2001 and 2002.

In 2010 Jim left the Claire Lynch Band to embark on a solo career. Jim performs and teaches at guitar workshops and music camps in North America and Europe. His eclectic career has made him a remarkable performer, an experienced instructor and a highly sought after session musician

Bluegrass Style Mandolin
Sunday, September 3, 9:00AM in the Beer Garden

Description: Mandolin Workshop
Intended audience: Beginner to Advanced
Curriculum: Good instrumental work is essential no matter your skill level. The mandolin fills three roles at different times during a tune: 1. Rhythm, 2. fill and backup, and 3. breaks, kickoffs and endings. Come learn what Zach can show you about chording, tremolo, crosspicking, slides and hammer-ons, and other techniques that set the exceptional bluegrass mandolinist apart.
What attendees need to bring: Bring your mandolin so you can play along
Workshop Instructor: Zack Autry (Mandolin with Edgar Loudermilk Band)

Zack Autry Bio
Zack Autry comes from a long line of music lovers and musicians, notably, his father Jeff Autry (one of the best acoustic flat pickers alive today) and grandfather Bobby (a well-known upright bass and guitar player from North Georgia). He grew up singing and playing music in church and at family gatherings. He started playing the mandolin at age 8 and the fiddle around 9-10 years old. Zack grew up on a strong foundation of Gospel, Bluegrass and country music, and through his grandfather, a love and appreciation of the hundreds of fiddle tunes written and played around his home. Zack plays mandolin and fiddle, and he also plays guitar. An excellent singer, he has a smooth, strong voice capable of a wide range.

“Where Do Songs Come From?”
Sunday, September 3, 10:30 am in the Historic Barn
Description: This is a songwriting workshop
Intended audience: Aspiring songwriters
Curriculum: Come learn from Edgar, a true songwriting professional, where he finds his songs and how you can develop your own songwriting skills.
What attendees need to bring: Your questions
Workshop Instructor: Edgar Loudermilk (Bass with his own band)

Edgar Loudermilk Bio
Edgar Loudermilk was only nine when he began playing bass in his family’s band, and was first exposed to the great music of some of his famous relatives, The Louvin Brothers. Loudermilk began his professional career with Rhonda Vincent and the Rage then spent five years with bluegrass/country singer Marty Raybon. Then he spent almost a decade with Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out. Edgar wrote or co-wrote a majority of the music he has recorded. He is heavily played on Bluegrass Radio, and has been a “Most Played” Sirius Bluegrass Radio musician since his start. Although he loves performing, Edgar says being a singer-songwriter is his “biggest passion.” He said he writes on almost every instrument but most of his composing happens on the guitar. “I pick up different instruments because it leads me into different directions when I’m songwriting,” he said.

Bluegrass Style Dobro
Sunday, September 3, 9:00 AM in the Children’s Activity Area
Description: Dobro Workshop
Intended audience: Beginner to Advanced
Curriculum: Is it true that Bill Monroe uttered his famous phrase, “That ain’t no part of nothin” about Dobros in bluegrass? Dobros have been included in bluegrass ever since Flatt and Scruggs quit Bill and hired Josh Graves. Glen Crain can help any player of the resophonic guitar to develop better skills and techniques of playing bluegrass music. Come see how he can help you.
What attendees need to bring: Just bring your Dobro so you can play along
Workshop Instructor: Glen Crain (Dobro with Edgar Loudermilk Band)

Glen Crain Bio
Glen Crain has been around music all his life. He started playing drums as a small child, and as a teenager learned to play bass. At the age of 25, he started learning Dobro and lap steel guitar. Glen has performed with numerous bands over the years and enjoys all types of music. But, his passion is bluegrass. One of the very first bluegrass bands Glen played Dobro in was the Kelley Mountain Boys. This band included Marvin Loudermilk, Bobby Loudermilk, and a very young, Edgar Loudermilk. Glen played with several other South Carolina based bluegrass bands, most notably, New Dixie Storm from 2000-2010. While Glen appreciates all the new styles of Dobro, his favorites remain Josh Graves, Mike Auldridge and Jerry Douglas.

Traditional Bluegrass Fiddle with Annie Staninec of Kathy Kallick Band
Sunday, 9am at the Bande Merchandise Tents
Learn a Traditional Bluegrass Fiddle Solo
Intended audience: Intermediate to Advanced
Curriculum: We’ll learn a solo from a bluegrass master and discuss ways to integrate the ideas into one’s own breaks.
What attendees need to bring: A tuned fiddle
Workshop Instructor: Annie Staninec (Fiddle player with Kathy Kallick Band)

Annie Staninec Bio
Annie joined the Kathy Kallick Band in 2008. She received the 2015 IBMA Instrumentalist Momentum Award, the 2008-2010 Fiddle Player of the Year awards from the Northern California Bluegrass Society, and the 2006 Dudley Hill Award for Outstanding Young Musicians at Djangofest Northwest.

In 2015, Annie released 1) her self-titled solo album, Annie Staninec, and 2)an acclaimed instructional book of traditional bluegrass fiddle solos, transcribed from some of her favorite fiddlers
Annie is an experienced teacher, and has been on the faculty of the California Bluegrass Association Music Camp, Kamp Kaufman (Tennessee), Nimblefingers (BC, Canada), Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (Washington), and Walker Creek Music Camp (California).

Sunday 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Bluegrass, Western Swing Style with Katy Lou and Penny Lee Clark of The Purple Hulls
Learn how to integrate Western swing chords and transitions into your arrangements to give a swingin’ flare.
Intended audience: Guitar players at least at intermediate level looking to add some spice and diversity to their guitar playing and song arrangements. Also open to anyone curious about the Western swing style! We’ll focus mostly on guitar playing, but can touch a little on banjo and mando as well.
Curriculum: We’ll learn some basic and commonly used closed shape chords and transitions used in the Western swing genre, and how to apply them to YOUR playing, even if you’re not in a Western swing band!
What attendees need bring: Guitar, banjo, mandolin
Workshop Instructors: Katy Lou and Penny Lea Clark

The Purple Hulls Bio
You could easily say these two musicians were born to make music together. Identical twins Katy Lou and Penny Lea Clark of The Purple Hulls were raised on a working family farm in the deep piney woods of East Texas, but that didn’t stop the Texans from finding their way to the hills of Tennessee, specifically, Music City, where they began touring with various country artists and writing songs for Nashville’s largest publishing company, Sony Tree.

The Purple Hulls are no stranger to road life and are now blazing the trail as a dynamic sister duo, showcasing their unique sibling harmonies while ripping the strings off any instrument they can get their hands on. If you’re looking for authentic acoustic driven music delivered at its best, your search is over.

Fundamentals of Acoustic Flatpick Guitar with Jeff Autry
Saturday, September 2, 10:30 AM in the Beer Garden
Description: Guitar Workshop
Intended audience: Beginner to Advanced
Curriculum: Beginners are encouraged to learn the fundamentals. And even if you have been playing for years you are always looking for new ideas. What skills should be ‘second nature’? How do I develop my skills? What should I practice? What about technique? Come and hear what this talented guitarist can teach you about lead and rhythm and how you can create a more interesting and dynamic sound for your audience.
What attendees need to bring: Bring your guitar so you can play along
Workshop Instructor: Jeff Autry (Guitar with Edgar Loudermilk Band)

Jeff Autry Bio
At age 12, Jeff began learning guitar and playing with his dad in a local bluegrass band. His own career began at 19 with the Georgia band Clearwater where he stayed for three years. At 26, he joined bluegrass swing band, The Texas Rangers on guitar and lead vocals. Next, Jeff joined Rounder recording artist The Lynn Morris Band and toured the bluegrass circuit throughout the U.S.
Jeff is highly regarded as one of the most talented guitarist of our time performing and recording with many of the bluegrass legends he grew up admiring, including Sam Bush, Vasser Clements, Ricky Skaggs, Peter Rowan and the John Cowan Band. His recording credits include the award winning instrumental series Bluegrass 96 through Bluegrass 2001, his own solo album titled Foothills (all on Pinecastle Records), Leftover Salmon mandolinist Drew Emmett’s solo album, as well as the John Cowan Band’s Sugar Hill Records release, Always Take Me Back.

The Complete Bluegrass Fiddle with Malia Furtado
Sunday, 10:30 am in the Historic Barn
Description: Pick up some easy to learn bluegrass fiddle techniques from an award winning fiddler.
Intended audience: From beginner to advanced,
Curriculum: She covers a wide range of fiddle topics that include:
• Leads
• Backing up the band
• Bowing technique
• Chopping technique
What attendees need to bring: Fiddle and a bow.
Workshop Instructor: Malia Furtado (Fiddle player with Circa Blue)

Malia Furtado Bio
From the Northern end of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Malia grew up surrounded by music. She started playing classical violin at the age of three and at age seven, her family started playing bluegrass after going to the Galax Old Fiddler’s Convention. Combining her classical and bluegrass repertoire, she established herself as an award winning musician, placing first at the Loudon County, Chesterfield, Burlington, and Galax Fiddle Contests, to name a few. Additionally, she has performed at some notable venues that include the Kennedy Center, Ryman Auditorium, America’s Cup of Polo, ROMP, and the Carter Family Fold. Previous bands she has played in and for include her family band, All 4 Hymn, Blue Light Special, Driving Force, No Speed Limit and Heather Berry.

Emory Lester all-level mandolin workshop with Emory Lester of the Jim Hurst Trio
Sunday, 10:30 am in the Children’s Activity Tent
This workshop will focus on a wide variety of areas for mandolin playing that apply to all levels, in varied forms of music, with a special focus on bluegrass. Emory’s workshops are informal, entertaining, and a wealth of information will be revealed and will certainly answer many and any questions for its attendees.
Intended audience: All mandolin players, all levels
Curriculum: Technique, melody, chords, rhythm, playing with others, and the super-fun ‘tools of creativity’. There is certainly something for everyone to help you improve, no matter the skill level or amount of experience.
What attendees need to bring: A tuned mandolin.
Workshop Instructor: Emory Lester

Emory Lester Bio
Emory Lester is one of this day’s foremost exponents of the acoustic mandolin. The power and attack of his mandolin playing are unmatched, and his sound is infectious. His recordings have placed him among the elite mandolinists of our time.

Emory is currently performing with ‘Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa’ across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the U.K. Also, Emory and ‘Clawgrass’ banjoist Mark Johnson have produced four very creative recording projects. Mark and Emory have toured across the U.S. and have performed with Steve Martin. Emory also will be performing with his partner Jill Jones in the new ‘Emory Lester & Jill Jones Band’, at upcoming concerts and festivals.

Emory has been teaching master series workshops at events such as the Steve Kaufman Acoustic Kamp, the Mandolin Symposium, the Swannanoah Gathering, the Goderich Celtic College, the Alaska Guitar Camp, the Transatlantic Bluegrass School in Wales U.K. and many other prestigious schools and workshops far and wide. He has also produced many recording projects for other prominent artists.

Bass Workshop with Jacob Bly of Circa Blue
Sunday, September 3, 10:30AM in the Band Merchandise Tents
Description: Is it true that the bass player is the musical director of the band? Rhythm, percussion, harmony, even chords; how much can your playing contribute? Learn some bluegrass bass ideas and techniques from a versatile musician with wide experiences.
Intended audience: From beginner to advanced,
What attendees need to bring: Bring your bass
Workshop Instructor: Jacob Bly (Bass player with Circa Blue)

Jacob Bly Bio:
Jacob got his first banjo at the age of 14. Since then, he has been honing his musical skills playing with local Shenandoah Valley bands. Jacob first picked up bass while in college at Virginia Tech when he was asked to fill in for a band that had an open spot. This opened up a whole new world of musical genres and ideas that he has been pursuing ever since. He now brings his diverse musical background to Circa Blue, where he plays bass and provides harmony vocals.